a sysadmin's life

About me

RomanMy name is Roman Pertl (usually I’m using roock as my nick when I’m online). At the moment I live in Korneuburg (where I also spend my childhood), around 20 km outside of Vienna (Austria). Currently I am working as Senior Cloud Infrastructure engineer and DevOps specialist in a growing Austrian company on a multi-award winning and cloud-based point-of-sale solution.

I am mostly publishing about work related stuff, although there are/will be some posts about private stuff too. Most post won’t be about groundbreaking projects or ideas but about the things I need at work. And blogging about those things helps me keeping them in my memory (and if not, I also have the opportunity to to read them in my blog).

As of September 2013 the commenting of blog posts has been disabled because all comments up to now have been spam. If you are real human and want to contact me, you won’t have problem contacting me by mail or any other form of electronic communication.