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OpenSSL Cheat Sheat

I know I know, there are plenty of openssl cheat sheets out there already1)http://www.sslshopper.com/article-most-common-openssl-commands.html2)https://github.com/stanzgy/wiki/blob/master/network/openssl-self-signed-certs-cheatsheet.md. But as I keep using googling it again and again to find the most useful openssl commands I decided to do my own – the first …

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Quickly create a (swap)file on linux

The traditional way for creating a linux swapfile would be using dd to create an empty file e.g. A faster way is to use “fallocate” e.g. 1) http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-create-add-swap-file/ Don’t forget the usually procedure for swapfiles: References   [ + ] 1. ↑ …

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Running “backticks” commands on remote servers

Sometimes it’s necessary to run a complex command on a remote server witch also includes some “backticks”. Usually these commands are interpreted by the local shell so you need to use a little trick to force execution on the remote …

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