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OpenSSL Cheat Sheat

I know I know, there are plenty of openssl cheat sheets out there already1)http://www.sslshopper.com/article-most-common-openssl-commands.html2)https://github.com/stanzgy/wiki/blob/master/network/openssl-self-signed-certs-cheatsheet.md. But as I keep using googling it again and again to find the most useful openssl commands I decided to do my own – the first …

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Cloudflare and Haproxy Lodbalancer

We are currently trying out the cloudflare service to protect one of our company service. In front of this service we are using haproxy as SSL endpoint and loadbalancer. Cloudflare adds a number of custom headers1)http://www.linuxorz.com/2014/10/cloudflare-haproxy-get-real-ip/: In order to extract …

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