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MacOSX: Manually restoring TimeMaschine Backup

In case you are a CLI junkie as myself and want to restore some files from a time maschine backup manually with the CLI (or using the finder), you will notice that the restored files cannot be changed. The restored files are copied with an ACL on the time machine backup witch prevents changes to those files. You need to remove the ACL from the restored files:
chmod -R -N restored-files/

“I solved it” – Java with MacOSX

Many of you have probably noticed during the last months. Java is somewhat broken with MacOSX since Oracle started shipping Java7 for MacOSX. Some of the things I recommend about using Java on MacOSX:

– Install the SDK even if you do not necessary need it as it might fix some problems
– If you upgrade Java7 and you need Java6 for some applications (e.g. in my case it was Cisco ASDM configuration for Cisco ASA), you might need to reinstall Java6 (latest version as of July 2013 is here: ). I have no idea what it does, but it does something with the binaries in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/ – sizes seem to be the same, I don’t have any md5sums…

Hopefully that should fix most of the Java issues.