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Running “backticks” commands on remote servers

Sometimes it’s necessary to run a complex command on a remote server witch also includes some “backticks”. Usually these commands are interpreted by the local shell so you need to use a little trick to force execution on the remote server:

ssh '( echo `echo "This Command is run on the remote server" ` )'

You need to use single quotes combined with brackets to use the backtick on the remote server.

Resetting Supermicor IPMI system

In case the IPMI system on a Supermicro system is unresponsive, but you are still able to log into the main server, you can issue the following command(s) to reset the IPMI:

# load the necessary modules (optional)
sudo modprobe ipmi_si
sudo modprobe ipmi_devintf
# reset the IPMI
sudo ipmitool mc reset cold
# remove all the modules
sudo rmmod ipmi_devintf
sudo rmmod ipmi_si

MacOSX: Manually restoring TimeMaschine Backup

In case you are a CLI junkie as myself and want to restore some files from a time maschine backup manually with the CLI (or using the finder), you will notice that the restored files cannot be changed. The restored files are copied with an ACL on the time machine backup witch prevents changes to those files. You need to remove the ACL from the restored files:
chmod -R -N restored-files/